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Packers Adult Unisex Game Bibs



100% cotton for a breathable product on summery days that can trap heat when the days get cold.

Each pair can be easily put on or taken off with snaps on either side of the waist and easily adjustable shoulder straps.


Washing Tips:
Buckle the straps before washing your bib overalls. Letting the loops bang around in the washing machine or dryer will make them more likely to break.

Waist Size Tip:
Your waist size in bib overalls will probably be 2–6 inches bigger than your waist size in jeans or pants, especially if your belly hangs over your pant waist.

Women's Sizing Tip:
A general rule of thumb when determining the women's size in bib overalls is to add 23 inches to your size. For example, a women's size 8 would convert to a 31 or 32 inch waist size.

To measure your natural waistline, wrap the tape so it intersects your navel. Keep tape flat, but comfortably loose.

Stand up straight, and start the tape measure high in your crotch. Straighten the tape down the inside of your leg to the bottom of your ankle.

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