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Green and Gold Zone
4862 S. 74th St. Greenfield, WI, 53220
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Merchandise┬╗Jewelry┬╗Fan Beads
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Large Football Bead Necklace - Green
Large Football Bead Necklace - Gold
Mini Football Bead Necklace - Green
Mini Football Bead Necklace - Gold
Cheese Bead Necklace
Cheese Football Combo Bead Necklace
Gold Throw Beads
Green Throw Beads
Green Jumbo Chain Necklace
Gold Jumbo Chain Necklace
Green & Gold Jumbo Chain Necklace
Green & Gold Tear Drop Bracelet
Packers Ceramic Disc Beaded Necklace
Packers 30" Bold Logo Chain Necklace
Packers Big Logo Light Up Chain

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